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Is Endhiran inspired by Uppi's Hollywood?

28 September 2010 07:49

Is Endhiran inspired by Uppis Hollywood? Endhiran is all set to release on October 1st. All over the world, people are waiting eagerly to watch their superstar Rajinikanths latest film. However, trade circles in Gandhinagar are now discussing whether the film is based on the story of Hollywood, starring Upendra and directed by Dinesh Babu. Hollywood was Upendras brainchild, with script and story written by him. Before Dinesh Babu was chosen as director, producer Ramu had engaged Uppis friend Murali to direct the film. Upendra had discussed the story with many friends. There are many things which are common in the story of Hollywood and what has leaked out as the story of Endhiran. Upendra played a triple role in Hollywood; Rajinikanth is playing a triple role in Endhiran. The story element of Hollywood indicated that if a machine is given more prominence, then there may be a time where it would even command human beings. Trade analysts feel the central concept of Hollywood might have inspired Endhiran. In a recent interview, Upendra said that when he had written the story and script of Hollywood, he had heard that director Shankar was making a similar project based on the story of a human being and a machine. During that period, Upendra and Shankar had discussions and Shankar had said he would be doing a film later with a similar subject. Hollywood was a moderate success and received just mixed response. It will be interesting to see how audiences who have seen Hollywood would react after seeing Endhiran which has been made with a huge budget of nearly 200 crores. Also, Endhiran has such a huge publicity blitz. It is not unusual for two great directors like Upendra and Shankar to write a script with a similar plot. The difference is how they translate and transform the script on screen. The other difference is the one and only Rajinikanth. No one can beat Rajnis screen presence frame after frame. But one thing is sure. Upendra is an innovator and classic writer-director who remains an inspiration for top Indian directors.

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